Building standards, providing technical solutions and laying down infrastructure for companies within the digital economy and for companies, who are looking to embrace it.

The applications that can be built on top of this infrastructure, include capital markets, M&A as well as investment management. Putting the entire financial system in a blockchain environment
At GSL we are building an alternative financial system where every major financial hub is a node. We connect all these nodes together via the GSL protocol.
With reference to the fat protocol hypothesis, the GSL protocol consists of :
A Hybrid exchange
A tokenising security platform called Vicoho
A token standard called the Milestone Based Investment
Protocol token standard Milestone based investment MBI
The Milestone Based Issuance (MBI) is a token based mechanism, achieved via smart contracts.That releases funds to a project and returns utility tokens (tokenized economies projects) or tokenized securities (Company based projects) to investors Based on predefined project development or business milestones. These Milestones are budgeted and the equivalent amount of tokens are returned to the investors
These milestones are independently reviewed During this process, MBI tokens are issued that entitle the owner to a pre-set amount of these utility token/ Tokenised security payments. We issue promissory notes via our tokenizing securities platform vicoho.
Protocol wallet
This will bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized economies. We will facilitate decentralized liquidity provision to make any decentralized economy liquid and easy.
A "Crosschain Liquidity Protocol": a blockchain infrastructure that allows atomic swaps between crypto assets and stable coins, and allows OTC dealing without having to trust another counterparty using both fiat and crypto.
Flexible, future proof registry management supporting corporate actions.
Cheaper or no advisory fees.
Easier and direct access to investors and capital.
Credit risk free transactions
Flexible, future proof registry management supporting corporate actions.
Open market with full price transparency.
Reduced settlement costs from 0.25% through use of the decentralised register.
Improved liquidity for SME assets via secondary market.
Access to traditionally regulated assets, denominated in major currencies or cryptocurrencies.
Protocol Vicoho Platform
Enabling company funding and liquidity through simple, quick, cheap, yet secure and regulated securities backed by real world assets, on the Blockchain. Product advantages
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