Providing Institutional grade Investment Products that provide full exposure and diversification to the digital currency, digital asset, and blockchain industry whose objective to preserve and accumulate capital.
Upon identification of a new alpha source we will begin to launch new funds that fit our mandate. This will include a social impact fund that disrupts charity business models via blockchain
GSL (GLS Holdings SARL) is a Luxembourg based investment firm. At GSL our mandate is to provide investors full exposure and diversification to digital currencies, digital assets as well as the underlying blockchain technology
Consensus: investing into a diversified portfolio validating nodes across different consensus algorithms
Defi: a diversified portfolio of defi protocols
Public offering: investing into the most promising ICO’s and IEO’s
Quant: trading the volatility of cryptocurrencies by using machine learning and AI that follows a momentum driven strategy
Digital currency investments
Private equity application layer investments which capture value via security tokens
Venture capital with reference to the fat protocol hypothesis and protocol layer investments which capture value via utility tokens
Digital asset and Blockchain investments
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